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See Tania Paint

To give myself permission to enjoy good moments by focusing my attention on the “here and now” and on all the things for which I am grateful is important. I would LOVE to one day see myself saving animals; especially those that have been abandoned by irresponsible owners who lacked to realize the responsibility and effort it takes to care for an animal. Along with the aforementioned, through art, I want to help animals that have lost their owners or houses due to a devastating natural disaster. I want to help build awareness that people who face any kind of limitation can overcome obstacles and discrimination to make positive contributions to society.

I like to live in the power of Now

I like to live in the power of Now. I am living in the present of this time and of this space, but always looking ahead. Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what follows or how. I guess and I may be wrong; however, I take leap after leap in the dark, but I leap with intelligence, trustworthiness, humanity, emotion, courage, austerity and amazement. I realize that by shifting pessimism, anxiety, and fear, little by little my dreams are reinforced. I draw strength from the excited me in the expectations of tomorrow

A tomorrow that I’d like to imagine comes true and drawn upon my dreams- a dream that is born of desire and delivered by the mind that has always accompanied my heart. Therefore, I tell of these vibrations and intimate callings of my awareness, through painting.

My inspiration is drawn from personal experiences

My inspiration is drawn from personal experiences, and my work is a visual interpretation of how I process those experiences emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. The work often takes on a life of its own, and I am surprised by the finished product. Each piece acts as a catalyst; teaching and mirroring to me the many levels we are capable of functioning on. A dream, a thought, an emotion all have many components; not all of which reveal themselves to our conscious mind. Each piece is a very profound and personal experience that reveals to me a visual counterpart to the invisible, ethereal, and often illusive world of thoughts, dreams, and emotions. It is in essence, a personal road map.

I like to use a lot of color because color is the voice of my soul. Through color I succeed in making myself heard. Art is a language listened to with the eyes.
I am happy when I paint and it gratifies me because I tell my emotions and give birth to my art in joy and pain. When I paint I become aware of the fruitfulness of my mind. I am very possessive of my residence (Canvas) because what happens while I paint is very involuntary. Inevitable consequences of a faithful union… I repeat, “I don’t love selling my paintings. It happens very rarely, and I decided to begin reproducing them in limited editions lithographic prints. I usually surprise myself realizing that I often change the keys to the entrance. … A fascinating journey into the unknown, to the root of creativity… All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no mind, from inner stillness. The mind then gives form to the creative impulse or insight.”
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