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Tania Romero

Interesting Information About Myself

Among the things that give my life value are the deep, true connections I have forged with others. Whether it's my family, friends or co-workers, my relationships are the legacy I leave to the world. I also like to paint. "Painting is a game". I set all the rules, the criteria and the problems of the game, where the point of the game is to make it as challenging as possible for me (the painter) and the spectator. The painter should be a source of inspiration, but the real challenge lies in solving the problems with elegance. One who paints is like the player in a puzzle game who aims to solve all the problems, while the spectator watches the game among a cheering crowd, sharing the excitement with the player.
I love having good friends, both human and furry alike. I have two dogs (Maya and Stella). Also, I love to workout, party with my friends, travel around the world, explore the outdoors, sports (such a tennis, baseball, football and golf), meet new people, help others and pretend to be a makeup artist! I am a scientist and adventurer. I constantly seek for a more extreme experience than the last, to bring me out of the box. My ears are aware, always listening for something new. My eyes are ready, searching for the next door that opens. I believe in synchronicity. It is something that falls in your lap because you are meant to know about it. The trick is that I have to respond, rather than just staying inside the box.

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